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Brand: SANYO Model: 1091224H402
Model:1091224H402 Brand: Sanyo DENKI Noise:30dBA Bearing:Two Ball Bearing Package:Yes Fan Life:100000 hrs Fan Speed Control:No RPM Power:5.1 W Air Volume:30CFM Lines:2 Lines Type:Fan Fan Size:120x120x25mm Power Interface:2pin Model Number:1091224H402..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 109E1224H144
New original 109E1224H144 24V 0.25A 12cm 12038 server inverter cooling fanFan model: 109E1224H144 Fan size 120mmX120mmX38mm Bearing type TWO BALL (double ball bearing) Bearing life of 50,000 hours Fan speed 2800 rpm (+ -10%) Fan air flow 108.46CFM Rated voltage DC 24V Rated current 0.25A Rated power..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 109E5724K5D01
Model: 109E5724K5D01 Brand: SANYO Frame size: 172*150*51mm Rated voltage: 24V Use voltage range: 20.4 ~ 27.6V Rated current: 0.58A Rated power: 13.9W Number of revolutions: 3,050 Maximum air volume: 6.4m3/min (226CFM) Maximum static pressure: 137.2Pa (0.551inchH2O) Noise: 55dB[A]..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 109L0612S407
Model:109L0612S407 Brand:SANYO DENKI Size: 60*60*25MM Voltage: 12V Current: 0.17A Power: 2.04W Speed: 4750RPM Air volume: 0.66m3/min 23.1CFM Wind pressure: 57.3Pa 0.231 inchH2O Noise: 33DBA Use environment: -10~75° Service life: 100,000 hours Lines: 2-wires..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 109P0524H702
Model: 109P0524H702 Brand: SANYO DENKI Voltage: DC24V Current: 0.05A Power Connector :2-wires Fan Size:52x52x15mm..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 9A0912M4D06
Product number:9A0912M4D06Product specifications: 92mm * 92mm * 25mmInput voltage: DC 12 VOperating current: 0.12AWorking voltage range: DC 6 V .– 13.8 VMotor speed: 2250turn/minuteinput power: 1.44 Wturn around:Anticlockwise rotationWind pressure range: 22.6 PaNoise decibel: 27dBBearing struc..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 9WF0424
San Ace FANUC Servo Driver Fan Size: 40 * 40 * 20mm Voltage: 24V Current: 0.076A Speed: 11000RPM Air volume: 7.77CFM Noise: 3dba Weight: 50G Wiring: Three wires Connector: special original three-pin connector model: 9WF0424H6D01 9WF0424H6D05A 9WF0424H6D03 9WF0424H7D03 9WF0424H7D04 9WF0424H6503 9WF04..
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Brand: SANYO Model: 9WF0924S2031
Brand: Sanyo SanAce92WF Model: 9WF0924S2031 Size: 92*92*32MM Voltage: 24V Current: 0.5A Power: 12W FANUC Type:A90L-0001-0598#A..
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