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For ADDA Fan

Brand: ADDA Model: AA1252MB-AW
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Brand: ADDA Model: AB7012HB-MC3
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Brand: ADDA Model: AD0424LS-C50
Brand : ADDASize : 40 * 40 * MMVoltage : DC24VCurrent : 0.06APower : 1.44WAir flow : 8.2CFMNoise : 24.1dbABearing : Sleeve Bearing..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AD0424UB-G70
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Brand: ADDA Model: AD1224HX-A71GL
Brand ADDASize 120*120*25mmLength 12 cm, thickness 2.5 cmBearing oil pressure bearingVoltage 24VCurrent 0.24AModel AD1224HX-A71GLSpeed 2300RPMInterface board 2 pinsLine length 30CMFeatures long service life, best continuous running time of 10000 hours..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AD1224MB-F51
Brand New Original AD1224MB-F51 24V 0.23A ADDA 1*1*38MM Cabinet Cooling FanModel: AD1224MB-F51 Size: 1*1*38 Voltage: DC 24V Current: 0.23A Shell: plastic shell..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AD1224UB-F52
Model: AD1224UB – F52product specification : 120 x 120 x 38mm.motor speed : 3,200 RPM.bearing : double ball bearing.input voltage : DC 24Vinput current : 0.40 Ainput power: 9.12 Wlife : 25 °C 70000 hoursnoise : 38.0 dB (A)product weight : 320 g..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AA1252MB-AT
Brand: ADDAModel: AA1252MB-AT (metal frame plastic blade)Size: 120 * 120 * 25MMVoltage: 220V (50/60HZ)Current: 0.11/0.10APower: 20.7/18.4WSpeed: 2050/2400RPMAirflow: 61/69.4CFM 103.7/118 cubic meters / hourPressure: 3.508/3.912mmAqNoise: 38.7/44.1 DBAUse of the environment: -25 ~ 75Life span: 50,000..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AA1282UB-AT
Model: AA1282HB-ATSize: 120*120*38MMVoltage: 230V/60HzCurrent: 0.10APower: 30.4WSpeed: 3000RPMAir volume: 94.5CFMNoise: 44.5DBAAmbient temperature: -20~75°Service life: 90,000 hoursNet weight: 550G..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AA1282UB-AW
Brand: ADDAModel: AA1282HB-AWSize: 120*120*38MMVoltage: 220-230VCurrent: 0.12/0.10APower: 27.6/20.7WSpeed: 2700/3100RPMAir volume: 91.2/102.5CFMWind pressure: 7.87/8.13mmAqNoise: 42.6/47.0 DBAUse environment: -25~75°Service life: 50,000 hoursNet weight: 550G[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="75..
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Brand: ADDA Model: AB03005HX04000
Brand: ADDAModel: AB03005HX040000Size: 30 * 30 * 4mmVoltage: 5VCurrent: 0.20APower: 1WSpeed: 10500RPM ± 10%Wind speed: 1.5m / sAir volume: 3.5CFMWind pressure: 37 PaNoise: 30dbaFunction: 2-wire positive and negative start directly No functionBearing: Maintenance-free suspension magnetic bearingServi..
Ex Tax:$5.99