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For AVC Fan

Brand: AVC Model: 2B08038B12M
Dimensions : 80 * 80 * 38mmVoltage : 12VCurrent : 1.12AWiring: four linesBearing : Dual Ball..
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Brand: AVC Model: BN06015B12H
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Brand: AVC Model: DA07015T12U
Product Type : DA07015T12U Dimensions : 70mm × 70mm × 15mm Speed reference :1950 to 4400± 10% RPM Bearing Type : Single Ball Life: 40,000 hours Noise Reference : 19DBA ~ 30DBA ± 3DBA Rated voltage : DC12V Rated voltage : 0.7A Interface Type: Motherboard 4pin port Speed Monitoring : Support Fans line..
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Brand: AVC Model: DATA1551B8M
Model : DATA1551B8MDimensions : 170 * 150 * 50mmVoltage : DC48VCurrent : 0.98AWind : 305.1CFMPressure : 34.6inH2ONoise : 63db..
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Brand: AVC Model: DBTA0825B2U
Brand: AVCSize: 80X80X25mmModel: DBTA0825B2UDouble ball bearing:Voltage: 12VCurrent: 0.54ASpeed: 40RMP full speedInterface: 4P plugSupport: PWM intelligent temperature control, speed measurementLength: 30CMService life: 10 hours (25 C, 45 ~ 85% relative humidity)Maintenance free features dual ball b..
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Brand: AVC Model: DS12025B12U
Model: DS12025B12U Size: 120x 120X 25mm Bearing: double ball bearing Voltage: 12V Current: 1.05A Speed: 1000~3400RPM+ 5%Air volume: 42~130CFM Noise: 16~48dba Interface: the main board 4Pin interface supports PWM temperature control..
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Brand: AVC Model: 2B06038B12G
Model: 2B6038B12GSize: 60*60*38MMVoltage: 12VCurrent: 2.2ASpeed: 14,000 rpmPower: 26.4WBearing: Double ball bearing..
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Brand: AVC Model: 2B06038B12S
Brand: AVCModel: 2B06038B12SSize: 60*60*38mmVoltage: 12VCurrent: 1.80ASupport: PWM intelligent temperature control and speed signal alarm functionBearing: double ballLine length: 30CM..
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Brand: AVC Model: 2B06038B48H
Model: 2B06038B48H Size: 60x60x38mm Bearing: double ball Voltage: 48V Current: 0.35A high air volume cooling fan Interface: bare wire Support: PWM intelligent temperature control, speed measurement, signal alarm function Service life: 10.0000 hours (25 ° C, 45-85% relative humidity) Features Mainten..