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Brand: Nidec Model: D04XL-12T2G
Fan model:D04XL-12T2G Brand: NIDEC Appearance size: 40x40x28mm (4028) Fan speed: 10600RPM Bearing Type: Double Ball Bearing Noise: 39.2dBA Air volume: 15CFM Power: 3.48W Current: 0.29A Rated voltage: 12V Speed measurement function: support Fan interface: 3P Line length: 3P interface 18CM, 2 line 2P ..
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Brand: Nidec Model: D08K-24TU
Product model number: D08K-24TU 62B(AX) Appearance size: 80mmX80mmX25mm Bearing type: NBR bearing Service life: 50000 hours Rated voltage: 24V Rated voltage: 0.13A Interface type: original small 3P interface as shown below..
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Brand: Nidec Model: NFB10512HF-7F03
Brand : DeltaModel Number: NFB10512HF -7F03Voltage : DC 12VCurrent : 0.39ALead: 3-wire 3-pin connector 70mmSize: 105x105x32mm..
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Brand: Nidec Model: DJT80RBAS5-S02
Brand: Nidec Model: DJT80RBAS5-S02 Size: 80x80x15mm Current: 12V Voltage: 0.04A Line length: 300mm Speed: 2000R Packing: 132/carton (new original package, a lot in stock)..
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Brand: Nidec Model: M0STGVX3MTD1
Model:GW10C12MS1BA-57Z322 Nidec Current: 0.12A Voltage: DC12V Refrigerator cooling fan..
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Brand: Nidec Model: B34578-26G1
TA450DC B34578-26G1Voltage; 48VCurrent; 0. 25ASpecifications; 120*120*38MM..
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Brand: Nidec Model: U70R12MS1BB-57T02
Brand: NidecSize: 70*70*15MMModel: U70R12MS1BB-57T02Voltage: 12VCurrent: 0.11AConnector: 4 pin 4 line..
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